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Increase engagement.

Take content delivery to the next level for your audience with daily workout routines.

Improve retention.

Your app will create subscribers that automatically renew monthly. No more chasing customers to purchase new e-books or guides.

Consistent, recurring monthly revenue.

Your app subscribers are charged monthly through their Apple iTunes or Google Play accounts.

Workout changes are only a click away.

With only a few clicks you can add, delete, or change individual workouts, circuits, days, or even full weeks of your app’s plan using our Partner Log In dashboard.

Support every step of the way.

Plankk isn’t a service provider, we’re your app’s partner. Focus on your workout plans and personal brand and the team at Plankk will deliver the industry leading technical skills to create the best app possible for your brand.

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"We are experiencing better retention and with that, a more consistent revenue stream. And what’s even better, our members are seeing more results! It’s truly been a win win for everyone involved and we couldn’t imagine being on this journey without the help and support of the Plankk team!"

Nicole Mejia | Fit &Thick App


average monthly revenue of PDF guides vs monthly app revenue


average app store revenue growth month-over-month


total number of PDF guide subscribers vs total app subscribers

The Plankk

When your app goes live, our relationship is just beginning. Plankk is along for the ride, constantly improving, adding, and evolving.

You have a team.

By partnering with Plankk, you now have a team of industry professionals behind you – Supporting you every step of the way. We provide you with the tools, analytics, and data to create the best possible App for your brand and clients.


Our design team is made up of front-end app designers as well as social and growth experts to help create the tools needed to launch and grow your newapp. Our growth team handles everything from creating your own app launch website, to email marketing and social media images and videos.


Developing your app is only step one. Once your app hits the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores, our growth team kicks in to high gear – helping you with growth strategy, customer acquisition, improving conversion and customer retention.

Technical Support

Plankk handles all technical support emails and inquiries from your users with an industry leading guaranteed response time.

Make changes to your app from our Partner Dashboard.

  • Our dashboard allows you to add, delete, or modify workouts within the app.
  • View reports, analytics, and user data in real time.
  • Upload images, videos, and your fitness plan information straight into your app.
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