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Creators have spent years building their own identity, intrigue, audience, and overall brand. They have developed loyal and loving communities – full of great people who turn to Creators for ideas, encouragement, and motivation. Creators strive for differentiation so they can create a unique content journey for their community.

Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok are great places for people to discover new Creators and for Creators to build new audiences. Sharing screen space with fellow Creators makes a lot of sense on social media. But, it doesn’t make sense when it comes to building a community in a fitness app.

In a fitness app, a Creator is focused on developing a community that is doing a lot more than consuming 60-seconds of video content, one influencer at a time. App members are focused on a mental and physical transformation. They are committing to lifestyle change.

In the app, a Creator brings their community members along for a journey. That journey is curated by the Creator’s vision and values. And those values might not align with other partners. Sharing screen space on an app with several (or even dozens) of Creators means the Creators are, in effect, sharing values. That can be troublesome when two (or more) people disagree on training style, nutrition intake, exercise form, mental health beliefs, and body image ideals.

Meanwhile, a Creator’s overall brand, color themes, tone, and messaging should not be diluted to conform to a greater roster of partners. Words matter. They elicit responses from community members who seek motivation and empathy. When a Creator mixes messaging and brand/style with other Creators, they lose their brand overall. They lose the uniqueness – and that’s hard to earn back.

At Plankk, uniqueness matters. We always want each partner to be in the spotlight. Not Plankk. And certainly not a long list of other Creators.

We always want our partners to feel like the product they introduce to their audience is the best representation of their brand, their vision, and their values.

Awesome Works
Awesome Works

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